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The Creatio medallion
The Creatio medallion
The Creatio medallion
The Creatio medallion

The Creatio medallion

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  • Long: 65cm/25inch
  • Medium: 55cm/21inch
  • Short (suitable for women): 45cm/17inch

Materials: 24k gold plated Silver, Labradorite.

The CREATIO medallion. A hand carved cameo onto Labrodorite stone. The depiction on this gem is a mysterious figure that resembles the figure of a greek god. Most Greek gods had similar characteristics, both good and bad, to human beings. They were portrayed as men or women, but they were thought to be immortal and to hold special powers. The gods could exercise their powers on one another and on human beings as they wished, for their own vengeance or pleasure.

Shattered from the middle, the stones rupture adds a poetic charm to it’s essence. A metaphor emphasizes the fact that even the immortal can be damaged.

The medallion holds a secret engraving on the back. “Nothing comes from nothing” - A philosophical dictum first argued by Parmenides. It is associated with ancient Greek cosmology. it means that the universe was formed from eternal matter; as creatio ex nihilo, "creation out of nothing"

Every Rafael Indiana product is handcrafted by artisans in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, from wax making each piece unique. We believe it gives the product its authentic ancient beauty. Every design comes with a unique story.

This product has limited units available. If you can't find your size or your desired item is out of stock, contact us.

Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations in color and craftmanship.