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Welcome to the pearly gates of our jewelry utopia.
Where we are all welcomed as gods and goddesses.
Where the rivers flow with liquid silver and the sun shines pure 24 karat gold.
Where the wind breeze hovers with ancient mythical spirits.
A place where anything is possible.
Where individuality and beauty is embraced in all it’s forms.
Where the sand particles are pure diamond dust.
The blue ocean sparkles like a Kashmir sapphire.
The lakes shimmer in a radiant emerald green.
The sea is turquoise like an aquamarine.
The moon beams as bright as a silver medallion.
And the fields of wheat are the color of glistening bronze.
Let the crystallization of your mythological baptism begin.
Dive deep into the sea of gems and precious metals.
Become immortal like ancient Egyptian gold.
Live forever in RAFAELINDIANA.


Bebek Arnavutköy Cd. No:24, Arnavutköy Istanbul, Turkey
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Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 18:00

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