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For a custom order, please contact:

All of our products are hand made in the historical Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, Turkey. By using techniques similar to those of goldsmiths 2500 years ago, we create a product that that has character, grit, a sense of history and identity. The pieces have the same texture of artifacts unearthed following a millennia of history under the earth. Our process is highly labor intensive since every element is meticulously crafted and assembled by artisan hands. Each phase in the creation of an Intaglios piece serves a pivotal role in ensuring there are no compromises between beauty and strength. The immense heat and formidable pressure applied, result in precious metal that is both dazzling and resilient. Our hand-made approach results in differences in colored gem stones, texture and shape to deliver a genuine one-of-a-kind modern artifact of museum quality. 

Through the collaborative process of commissioning a bespoke piece of jewelry. Rafael will be in direct contact with you to full fill your vision and wishes. Wether it be picking your astrological zodiac's gem stone, or engraving your favorite mythical symbol through the process of intaglio. We are happy to be of service to full-fill your ultimate dream jewel.