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The Eternal collection is a reflection of the perfect summer's day. Rafael Indiana delves into the idea that beyond the transient nature of seasons, there exists a longing for a perpetual state of mind and a deep passion within the soul. This collection vividly captures the essence of a summer utopia, evoking images of a sapphire-colored sea glistening, the comforting sun ray warmth felt on one's back, and the gentle breeze that envelopes a full moon night.

While it may seem deceiving to believe that summer is never-ending, this belief serves as a beacon of hope for all of us and becomes a powerful symbol of faith in the face of life's challenges and uncertainties.

In the Eternal collection, the boundaries between the melancholic transition from the first day of autumn to the final day of summer are blurred. Our collection encapsulates this unique fusion, offering over 60 one of one unique jewelry pieces that embody the eternal essence of summer and the golden moments it brings.

The Eternal collection invites us to embrace and cherish the fleeting moments and to carry them with us as timeless treasures. We are forever GOLDEN.