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Welcome to the pearly gates of our jewelry utopia.
Where we are all welcomed as gods and goddesses.
Where the rivers flow with liquid silver and the sun shines pure 24 karat gold.
Where the wind breeze hovers with ancient mythical spirits.
A place where anything is possible.
Where individuality and beauty is embraced in all it’s forms.
Where the sand particles are pure diamond dust.
The blue ocean sparkles like a Kashmir sapphire.
The lakes shimmer in a radiant emerald green.
The sea is turquoise like an aquamarine.
The moon beams as bright as a silver medallion.
And the fields of wheat are the color of glistening bronze.
Let the crystallization of your mythological baptism begin.
Dive deep into the sea of gems and precious metals.
Become immortal like ancient Egyptian gold.
Live forever in RAFAELINDIANA.

The fascinating narratives of Greek mythology are an ancient culture’s lessons and stories that were created to make sense of their world. The gods, heroes and creatures of their legends were meant to shed light on why and how humans came to exist. They sought to answer all of human beings questions to give some sort of a philosophical interpretation of life. In every one of our pieces there lies a narrative that has been told time and time again throughout the millennia. Just like the poets and philosophers who wrote these epics, our mission is to educate, inspire and embrace beauty. 


All our products are hand made in the grand bazaar of Istanbul, previously the capital of the Byzantine empire, Constantinople. We collect ancient coins stretching from the roman empire to Persia, to the first forms of currency known to man in Lydia, modern day Turkey. By using techniques similar to those of goldsmiths 2500 years ago, we create a product that that has character, grit, a sense of history and identity. The pieces have the same texture of artifacts unearthed following a millennia of history under the earth. Our process is highly labor intensive since every element is meticulously crafted and assembled by artisan hands. Each phase in the creation of an Intaglios piece serves a pivotal role in ensuring there are no compromises between beauty and strength. The immense heat and formidable pressure applied, result in precious metal that is both dazzling and resilient. Our hand-made approach results in differences in colored gem stones, texture and shape to deliver a genuine one-of-a-kind modern artifact of museum quality. 


Intaglio, is the meticulous process of hand carving a gem stone. The entire ethos of Intaglios is the 7000 year old art of gemstone engraving, or glyptics in Greek. Elaborately carved gems were a staple of luxury in antiquity and often engraved onto semi-precious stones such as carnelian or jasper. Our modern take on the craft is too incorporate stones of higher quality such as aquamarine and topaz. They served as imperial symbols of status and in certain cases, divine holy protection. They were also employed as a form of personal identification with which one would press a wax seal. Kings, emperors, nobles and wealthy merchants sought, collected and traded these fascinating miniature works of art. Our curated collection of nearly 100 ancient engraved gem impressions is the cornerstone of our jewelry.

D I S C O V E R    M O R E